TOOLS - Free on line editorial tools available within the  Walking About platform

Walking About is a software platform created by the folks at Edit.Geo.Mobile S.r.l. that allows for real time publishing of geo-referenced multimedial information by way of PC or Smartphone using the Internet.

The Walking About technology is made to highlight small or large territorial systems, to create jobs, to publish offers by professionals or specialists and also to develop corporate, personal or recreational events.

With Walking About anyone can become an Editor of one's own communication channel with a theme (Theme Channel), or they can limit themselves to be a user of the information. Users are visitors that access the site to take advantage of the information provided by the Editor its Moderators and Assistants.

Assistants can help the users present in a certain area asking for help (for example as a tourist guide) either virtually or directly in the location the user is at by making himself traceable. Assistants go through a training and qualification procedure before they become such.

Theme Channels can be free or have a small fee, be public or private, and qualified or not.

The platform Walking About has provides simple instrumehts for the editing and geo-referencing of hyper-text. It is supported by a social network somewhat like Skype or Facebook which in a few minutes allows for the creation of a communication channel that can be used as a guide, manually or by hypertext in real time via a network or a smartphone.

A view of some possible uses is available on the website http://walkingabout.it/index.php Registrants can take advantage of the free channles already in place but above all download the software application for Android and iPhone where they will be able to have access to the guides, the hyper-maps and all other services.

Most importantly registered users can become Editors of one or more channles and communicate with all of their friends via the web or their smartphone. Users can authorize their friends to locate them for reasons regarding work,social or security reasons. The services offered on Walking About can be accessed via the web on a browser at the site www.walkingabout.it on a smartphone on which the client application has been downloaded for free from the Walking About website or from the Android and iPhone store as of November 25.

Platform characteristics and nature of achieved products:

The detailed description of our free services and instruments available for geo-referenced editing can be found on the site www.walkingabout.it under the tab "Documents" where you can find technical documentation as well as the "WA Desk User Manual" which includes instructions of the editing software.

The following paragraph introduces new users to the simple but powerful management system of territorial information and the processes this tool can develop for you.


Theme Channels:

Theme Channels are made up of a group of themed maps that overlap, selected by the user of the Theme Channel according to their needs. For example, entertainment, cultural tourism, no itinerary traveling, shopping etc... The user can ask for the location of specific monuments or activities that are happening at the moment or even certain objects.

Similarly one can contribute to a friends research request whom may be in the area and who has rendered themselves visible or traceable. The tracking systems in the application Walking About and the e-mail service allow for fast and efficient communication for any type of activity whether for professional reasons or simple pleasure.

The information is outputted to the client either vocally or graphically as shown in figure 1 on a smartphone or as in in figure 2 on the web from a personal computer.

When users are in movement in the territory they can activate automatic functions that will signal interesting things in the area or they can memorize routes traveled (see "WA Field User Manual").

Anyone can create a Theme Channel but only qualified Theme Channels will be published in an official registry once the channel's Editor has undergone a verification process with validation of his Curriculum.


Hyper-POI and Hyper-Maps

The platform's instruments allow the editing and insertion of POI (points of interest) on Google maps in a Theme Channel. The Editor and its moderators can insert multimedial POI content, hyper-text, link, routes, comments and pictures in real time therefore creating a true travel diary that can be taken advantage by friends and clients alike.

As mentioned before the site Walking About has the tools available to create in a simple manner hyper-POI and maps that can be overlapped in multilayers.

The maps with POI are immediately available to whomever has accessed a Theme Channel from any part of the world at any given hour.

You can see some demonstrative samples of Multi medial geo-referenced hyper-text on the site www.walkingabout.it and can be used as area guides via your smartphone using Android or IPhone.

Broadcasting the information:

The once created geo-referenced hypertext can be broadcasted via the social network integrated in the platform Walking About that is immediately available to other users via internet or a smartphone.


The role of an Editor in a Theme Channel and Support Provided by Edit.Geo Mobile:

The Editor is the owner of the Theme Channel. He has complete autonomy to decide the development of the channel, its collaborations, and the eventual commercial decisions if he chooses. He operates under the law of civility and respect. Therefore he takes on collaborators by having them sign an electronic document that binds users to the terms of agreement set forth by Edit.Geo:Mobile and residents of the site Walking About.

The Editor is wholly responsible for his users and registrants of his Theme Channel.

Ordinary computer and telematic services present in the platform are distributed by Edit.Geo.Mobile under license GNU. The Editor does not pay Edit.Geo.Mobile user rights unless their is a change of policy on behalf of the the organization that provides services under similar license.

Other services like the creation of personalized guides distributed through the Apple and Google markets will be seen on a case by case basis. The personal guides can be covered by Copy Rights and agree with Edit.Geo.Mobile S.r.l. policy on advertising.

The Editors who use the platform primarily accept that Edit.Geo:Mobile introduces side banners on the page www.walkingabout.it and in the client space purposely reserved for publicity. Other forms of advertising such as pop-ups, cartoons etc... of interest to the Editor can be agreed upon to be added between Edit.Geo.Mobile and the Editor.

Edit.Geo.Mobile does not owe anything to the users of the platform under no motive that has not been agreed on and legally handled between the parties.

The services supplied by Edit.Geo.Mobile are presented without temporary ends. Edit.Geo.Mobile does not assume responsibility of the storage and custody of data, outside of the usual backup procedures of the site. The Editor must provide and maintain a copy of the information added by him and his collaborators.



The platform Walking About integrates three types of network technology: The POI geo-referenced by Google, the social network and the multi medial internet software.

Edit.Geo.Mobile aims to develop a platform open to all the main technology particularly that relative to mobile telephone thus develop clients for devices such as smartphones and e-books.

The platform Walking About has been developed on Open Source technology.


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