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The “Walking About©” (WA) platform created by Edit.Geo.Mobile integrate several different computer technology that has been developed and rolled out in the last decade, in the hope of offering a complete instrument that allows for the administration of territorial information useful to companies, the public sector, and individuals looking to develop initiatives.

“Walking About©” was initially born to be used in the cultural tourism field has shown to be useful in a sufficient number  of applications. The platform contains all the basic  tools for editing,  does not require special skills in computers, WA has been designed to be used independently, individually, or via group by the registrants on the site www.walkingabout.it with the goal of broadcasting geo-referenced information.

The technology provided by Edit.Geo.Mobil can be tailored to specific needs regarding information and territorial comminuication. In this case  hardware and software can be developed by Edit.Geo.Mobile  within specific projects.


Standard Social Network Services

Standard  services offered on behalf of the “Walking About©” platform allow for:



Create Thematic Channels for the management and broadcasting of real time of informative content concerning points of interest (POI), and operate  communication services to identify and contact profetional assistents active on the field

Users of the Thematic Channels can send and receive visibile and audible information concerning POI in automatic or search mode. This:

  • by Smartphone, when users are in the place of interest for recreation, shopping, or cultural enrichment.

  • by desk when consulting about or organizing an activity in the area, or when he directly provide personal servicesfor istance tele-orientering, guide or telecare.

Broadcast one's own Theme Channel by way of the social network  “Walking About©” in order to create synergy with sites specialized in similar interests and with the help of friends on other social networks. In fact,  “Walking About©” does not compete with other sector operators, it is a simple integrator of the world wide web.


Create hyper-maps and hyper-text using the free tools made for editing available on the site Walking About.

As an Editor your can organize your channel to publish theme maps.Points of Interest  can be be layered, upgraded and providedto the users real time. The user will benefit of :

  • special theme guides,

  • personal area services maps

  • location of the assistants and friends,

  • real time accident and risk map

  • record faciliity to real time warn accident

  • record faciliity to momo point of interest (POI)

  • Social Natwork  channels to condividere fact events places objects images e notes

  • personal private channel to record  georefential multimedia diary and trip notes

  • software to integrate your maps on your Website


Free use of the client App “Walking About©” to distribute real time information to users of one's own Theme Channel.

Provide to the users of Thematic Channels a set of services in order to enjoy the country and best take advantage of local services.

  • search of places and service by icons on the map

  • select maps by channel subject

  • select POI by item

  • automatic pop-up of points of selected interest

  • free tracking service

  • georeferenced notes

  • georeferenced alarm gmail

  • personal travel diary

  • cultural and tourist routes

  • audioguide

  • navigator

  • etc...

Contact friends and Theme Channels users available online any time and everywhere you are via smartphone or personal computer.

Insert one's own themed maps on  own internet site as well as the clients site.


The use of the above basic mentioned services - computer and telematic -, is free. The contents of the Public Channels can be distributed under a Creative Commons license. Private and Commercial Channels are subjected to Edit.Geo.Mobile specific licences and to the agreements between Editor and members of Tematic Channels.


  • Other Services:

    Edit.Geo.Mobile offers clients upon request the following services:


  • The qualification of professional Theme Channels and their addition to the qualified channels registry.

  • The planning and creation of a personalized client

  • The organizing and supply of short formation courses for the main Editor, Moderators and Assistants that manage the channel in order to best use it efficiently and effecively with the editing instruments present in the platform Walking About.

  • Support for the Editors of the Theme Channel regarding the use of the editing and management instruments present in the platform Walking About.

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