Edit.Geo.Mobile S.r.l is a startup operating since 2010 owning a know-how of more than 10 years in the fields of modular systems, data elaboration, orientation devices and guides for humans and robots.

Today the company focuses on two lines of production:

  • The development and rollout of the platform Walking About which falls under the social network category and is geared toward territorial management.

  • The creation of promotional projects based on cultural tourism in collaboration with local operators and administrators of the territory.

The technological development of the platform is done thanks to autofinancing based on the revenue of sector competent projects and overall from applications in the field of territorial management. The 3.0 version will be rolled out within 2014.

The rollout campaign will see some high level visibility events programmed for 2014 as well as an internet campaign geared toward the difussion of the platform among those who without any specific computer skills can autonomously create informative themed products.

The company has set forth practical initiatives in the field of computer services for the promotion of artistic patrimony and cultural tourism. Such initiatives are designed to demonstrate the functionality of the Walking About platform and to promote development of georeferenced editing.


Special Thank You:

At the moment that we present this new technological initiative based on products and computer services that incorporate an extraordinary quantiy of knowledge developed in the last 100 years by scientists, researchers, technicians, great teachers and specialists in physics, electronic logic, automation, cybernetics and telecomunications networks, it seems fair to take this opportunity to let the public know the historical role and impact on society of this scientific community; difficult to identify just as it is difficult to identify the true identity of the inventor of the television.

Dedicated to our teachers and to our many excellent colleagues.



Claudio Paretti 

Amministratore Unico di Edit.Geo.Mobile S.r.l. 


My geo feferred Curriculum: Places and people i worked with



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